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Terms of Service

Artwork Rights

I. Rights to all artwork remain with me unless previously discussed. Any artwork commissioned is assumed to be as a personal piece may not be used for commercial use unless discussed otherwise.

-- 1a. I do offer commercial commission rates where you retain all rights to the artwork, however, if this is a need for your project.

II. If reposted (e.g. to a gallery or character repository) credit and a link back to at least one of my galleries or this site must be provided.

III. Please do not edit any of my work without prior permission unless you own the rights, as previously discussed. If you don't know if you own the rights to the artwork, you do not own the rights.


I. Payment will be taken in USD via PayPal unless otherwise stated.

II. Payment is due after a sketch is completed and approved by the commissioner.

-- 2a. At this time, payment must be made in full. I prefer not to do partial payments.

III. If a chargeback is made at any point, the commissioner's artwork will be revoked and repurposed, and the commissioner will be blacklisted from future commissions.

IV. Once work has been started, refunds are generally not available.


I. Major revisions may be made at the sketch stage. More minor revisions may be made at later stages.

II. Once work is completed, approved, and delivered, no more revisions may be requested without additional fee.

By contacting me for work you are hereby agreeing to the terms expressed above.